StoryBook Ceramics

  • Our "Old South" Aunt Jemima and Mammy images bring to mind memories of the wonderful black americana characters captured in stories such as "Uncle Remus's Adventures of B'rer Rabbit" and Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind".
  • Our Little Red Riding Hood pottery is faithful to the original designs all the way down to her lovely poppy, violet and daisy flower sprays. 
    Our Red Riding Hood pottery line offers a full range of vintage designs, and many kitchen, bath and decorative accessories featuring the matching Hull floral pattern and colors to accent your home decor.
  • StoryBook Ceramics offers a wide range of ceramic and chalkware fantasy designs, from unicorns, to dragons, to mermaids. Our reinterpretation of classic mid century designs will accent your retro decor beautifully and our original designs make great gifts for the fantasy lover in your life. 

StoryBook Ceramics is a family owned art pottery.  Our diverse, large and dynamic family offers a wide range of perspectives and talents to our catalog of hand crafted ceramics. 

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